Manor Hill Elementary School

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Office and Support Staff

Front Office
Telephone numbers are direct. Dial (630) 827-xxxx
Eric Haren
[email protected]
Cindy Veldman Secretary [email protected] 4308
Faye Kelly Clerk [email protected] 4339
Special Education
Telephone numbers are direct. Dial (630) 827-xxxx
Tiffany Becker
[email protected]
Kirsten Money
[email protected]
Aqeela Kidder
Adaptive Physical Education 
[email protected]
Emily Stachowiak Social Worker [email protected] 4346
Deanna Zuchowski Vision Itinerant (CASE) [email protected]  
Michele Budz Behavior Specialist (CASE) [email protected]  
Cindy Tomasello Occupational Therapist (CASE) [email protected]  
Jessica Geslak Speech Language Pathologist [email protected]  4328
Nancy Gomez Speech Language Pathologist [email protected] 4304
Emily Anderson Hearing Itinerant (CASE) [email protected]  
Bonnie Leshuk Occupational Therapist (CASE) [email protected] 4351
Jane Ruge Physical Therapist (CASE) [email protected] 4342
Technology Services
Telephone numbers are direct. Dial (630) 827-xxxx
Lou Salvatori Technology Services Technician [email protected] 4444
Telephone numbers are direct. Dial (630) 827-xxxx
Beth Lyons School Nurse [email protected] 4307
Angela Garcia Health Assistant [email protected] 4317
Instructional Assistants
Anju Bakhshi [email protected]
Emily Bell [email protected]
Feada Blan [email protected]
Kimberly Caligiuri [email protected]
Eligerta Cuka [email protected]
Angie Doherty [email protected]
Hafsa Abdullah [email protected]
Caroline Fearn [email protected]
Diane Gilhooly [email protected]
Andrea Heidorn [email protected]
Sarah Khan [email protected]
Julia Lawinger [email protected]
Cynthia Layton [email protected]
Vickie Redmon [email protected]
Patricia Sarver [email protected].org
JoAnne Sundberg [email protected]
Brianna Vena [email protected]
Michael Was [email protected]
Rita Woods
[email protected]
Kristen Wright [email protected]
Rett Richards [email protected]
Dylan Simons [email protected]